Meetings, Metal, and Munchies!

Meetings Metal Munchies

About once a week Annie and I venture into San Francisco to meet with design and architectural firms to present our product. These introductions give us the opportunity to charm local designers with our metal creations and show them their many uses, often which they never have previously considered!

A lot happens behind the scenes in preparation. We spend hours gathering samples, goodies, and researching each firm’s location and specialty to help us decide what samples to bring along. Since the majority of these meetings are in San Francisco, our go-to demonstration set consists of our Transbay Series. This collection, as you may already know, is inspired by Annie’s commute around the Bay Area, something locals can relate to, and is always a hit!

Time of day and number of people attending is crucial to us. This may come as a surprise, but this is where things get tricky – is it a lunch and learn or a quick conversational presentation? Sometimes we need to be in and out in 20 minutes, which we can do!  

When it is in fact a lunch and learn, Annie’s creativity moves from metal to meals, and she spends her time making yummy finger sandwiches and baking delicious treats, like the gingersnap cookies that I posted about previously!  In the case of a shorter, more casual and conversational meeting, we skip the meal, but often times Annie still bakes up something tasty and sweet to bring along, because who doesn’t love a work break snack? This week she made lemon cookies for our meeting with Dina Bandman since we just loved her lemon themed inspired room at SF Showcase last year!  

All in all, we love wandering around the city, discovering new places, new firms, and meeting all of you. Our goal is to meet with as many local creatives as we can in our industry, so be on the lookout for a call from our office.  We want to meet you!