Metal Patrol for Quality Control

Quality is our number one priority here at Modern Metal! You may or may not know that I am located in Southern California and work closely with our SoCal manufacturing department. With our team being split throughout the California region we are allowed the opportunity to closely follow and check on the quality of our products that are being cut and sold. Being able to step onto the cutting or powder coating room floor provides us the crucial opportunity to catch any mistakes early in the process.

With a keen eye for metal and clean lines, anything as minor as a paint chip or as major as an incorrect pattern cut prompts our team to restore or remake the product before it ends up in your hands. Burrs or rough edges that have not been smoothed out, on the cut lines of the metal are top of mind during our quality control process. We want to ensure smooth lines for a clean look and for the safety of those who will be handling our product. We don’t stop until you get a foolproof piece of metal that is durable and beautiful!