Modern Metal AV Cabinetry Inserts

While remodeling our own home, I learned that all of this fancy equipment we seem to need for our TV’s and music systems needs air to circulate. Modern Metal to the rescue! This summer, we’ve had many requests for AV cabinetry inserts, which is reminding me of this fabulous application for our metal.  Panel inserts are very straightforward, quick and easy for us.

All we need from you is the outer dimensions, pattern and finish, and we’ll take it from there!  We refer to these cabinetry inserts as panels, as they are simply a flat piece of laser-cut patterned metal surrounded by an unpatterned solid border.  We can provide screw holes if you want them, but the majority are specified without and just sandwiched into the cabinetry.  We have some installation options illustrated on our website, including what I refer to as the sandwich technique, which may be helpful to see.  Bottom line, we make every piece to order and will work with you and your contractor to make whatever you need, whatever size, whatever thickness, even adjusting the width of the unpatterned border if desired. 

Our drawings will come quickly,!  We have a new system by Craft OS (that blog post to come soon) so it’s a fast process, and you’ll have a chance review the drawings to make any changes, if needed, before we cut.

Some homeowners are swapping out whatever comes with their existing furniture such as frosted glass or mesh, and subbing in Modern Metal.  Brilliant! A really great way to transform a terrific piece of furniture into a bespoke design element in your home.  When we swap out an existing insert, we always ask what that thickness was so that we can be sure ours is the same.  Our standard thickness is 1/8”,  11 gauge, but we can easily cut these in a thinner gauge.  I usually encourage the 11 gauge for almost all inserts, because it can become surprisingly flimsy if dimensions are large and pattern cut outs are bigger.  Did you know metal can become floppy the more you cut out?  

We encourage you to have fun with finish and pattern!  The photo above illustrates just that.  Peruri Design Company elevated an already beautiful custom AV cabinet with our Square Squared pattern in oil rubbed brass. Real brass finished by hand at Gerber Hinge! This elegant pattern and finish combination is timeless, and I have a feeling it will provide much needed ventilation for the equipment it shields.   

If you have an opening percentage requirement, we have a list of all of our patterns and their opening percentages here on our Panel Data Sheet. We can often customize these patterns to meet your requirements if needed. Just today a customer wanted to use our Mizu pattern but it’s not very open, so we’re looking at some of our other patterns, but we can always consider customizing Mizu to meet her needs.

We’re really proud that Modern Metal can contribute a lovely design element to the AV world! We’re here to save you and your clients from all of that unsightly AV equipment. Call us-we promise it will be more fun than calling the cable guy!