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Willits Family

I am writing this blog post for all the working moms out there!  We are so proud to have many Modern Metal moms on our team.  I am a mother of three and over the years I’ve both worked full time, and been at home full time.  Now that they are older, Emma 22, Sophie 20 and Isaac 16, I am able to devote more “working hours” to work, but I still get pulled in many directions. Mostly emotionally.  Now, it’s not diapers and bad dreams, but it’s boys, class schedules and coordinating travel plans.  I asked all the moms on our team if they wanted to share any words of wisdom or thoughts on motherhood.  I love hearing their stories on a daily basis about their kids while we’re working, even if it’s just “I have to go pick up my little one from school” or “my little one didn’t sleep last night” because it takes me back, a little snippet reminding me how quickly it goes by and how brutal yet brutally wonderful, those mom moments can be.   I am so appreciative of the devotion our Modern Metal moms have to both their work and their kids.  It’s a value I admire and respect, and I support them 100%. Here are a couple of quotes our busy moms sent to me:

We have all heard the quote “It takes a village” – But it really does! Not only in your home life, but in your work life too! Having the support system of Annie & Co has truly made a difference for my family and me. Whether it’s working around doctors appointments, diaper changes, or the first day of preschool (in 19 days – but who’s counting! )- knowing that my team has my back and supports me means the world!–Jessica Willits, Project Manager with 2 year old Sam shown above

“It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours.” -Joyce Mayard submitted by Kristen Kilkenny