My Own Clippings Library

leaf holes

Today’s pattern inspiration happens to be seasonal!  Every time I walk outside I am blown away by the natural colors of the fallen leaves and the contrast of the golds, reds and dark browns against our still spring-like vibrant green grass. This is a what fall looks like in California! I am constantly gathering visuals and snapping my phone camera everywhere I go to keep as pattern, color and texture inspiration for my next designs. We used to have a great clipping library at RISD, that was just filled with magazine clippings and pictures in different categories. The Clipping Library https://risd.libguides.com/ was the best! Completely my kind of library. This leaf is particularly interesting to me because it’s found in nature, but obviously not completely natural. My husband’s shoe left this graphic circular design imprinted in the leaf.  Almost perfectly patterned round circular edges in a very organic rustic leaf. Eye catching indeed, and just like our tagline, design in unexpected places. I don’t know what I’ll do with this, or when we’ll see some iteration of it in a new design https://modmetaldesigns.com/patterns/, but it’s in my head now, which is where my own clipping library lives.