My Roots in the Salinas Valley

Salinas Valley

I decided to take advantage of my remote work flexibility this week and work from home at my childhood home in the hills of the Salinas Valley. My roots are here, in the golden hills where John Steinbeck wrote, surrounded by oak trees.  I grew up riding horses, raising rabbits with the local 4-H club, and learning to sew in my spare time.  I was always creative, loved to draw, knit and sew.  By high school, I was staying up late to design and sew my outfits for the following day.  I refused to follow patterns, just literally cut into the fabric designing as I cut.   I went to a tiny private high school in Monterey, and still remain extremely close with many of my fellow York School mates.  I appreciated where I grew up while I was growing up here, but now I almost get homesick being here.   I feel rejuvenated here, relaxed,  and very lucky to have grown up where I did.  There’s really no place like home!