My Upcoming Journey to Gee’s Bend, Alabama

Next week, I will be traveling to Alabama to visit Gee’s Bend.  It is quite remote and off the beaten track and I’m bringing my three kids and husband along. I have been intrigued by the generations of women there since I first saw the exhibit of their quilts at the DeYoung museum in SF years ago.  These quilts capture so much, and are far more than bold beautiful works of art.  Their quilts are stunning designs, comprised of building blocks of pattern, magnificent shapes, colors and asymmetry creating visual intrigue, while expressing soulfulness of the heart.  

These generations of women, represent their history in their art, and their art is an integral part of their history, a tradition uniquely born out of slavery.  The broader recognition of their artistic contribution to our country, represents a step in the right direction toward equality, and inclusion.  

For me, these will serve as inspiration to see if I can create building blocks of pattern, and create intrigue in something as inanimate as metal.  I intend to form a new collection of patterns, which can be used together to express the broader feelings of inclusion, diversity and equity which are are very important to me.  The inspiration for this upcoming collection, the quilts of Gees bend,  were made by hand with love by the women who fill me and so many others with feelings of connection, community, tradition, and beauty.