Need it FAST? We’ve Gotcha!

This month we’ve had two big need it FAST asks right as the holidays are upon us, one last week, one this week. The first rush order was simply a matter of us getting the job or not. We were up against another vendor and we needed to beat their timeline, which we did. The second job is to add onto some grilles for an existing job in anticipation of a photo shoot the first week of January.  Of course we want the grilles to make that photo shoot!!  All need it FAST requests are important to us and we will jump through hoops to make it happen.  

So, what happens when you need Modern Metal in a hurry?  Before saying “YES we can do that, no problem”, we need to check in with our fabricators.  Sometimes they are willing to expedite an order for a fee, but it is completely dependent on their current workload, workforce and what’s in their queue.  I also think our relationships with the fabricators play into their willingness to expedite as well. We work hard to protect our vendors, not take advantage, and respect their boundaries…..although sometimes,  I do beg!  If the fabricator gives us the green light, they let us know the fee, and the realistic timeline.  

Then we make sure our CAD drafters can jump to it.  If they can, we’re jumping with glee so that we can give our customers the big YES we can answer. All in all, it’s a lot of people making room and adjusting their work schedules to make this happen. I continue to be in awe and appreciative of the incredible vendors I work with.  They are such devoted and conscientious people who truly care.  They care, we care, and when we can we make it happen, it’s a win win for everyone.  

The first shipment is shipping this week, and the next one should make it in time for the photo shoot.  Buried under that expediting fee was a lot of commotion and internal devotion to make it all come together.  Who would’ve guessed one would ever need metal grates and vents stat?! We’re happy to oblige!