New Beginnings

Yesterday was my first day as a remote Modern Metal employee and guess what? All is well! Only in the year 2019 does the transition from in-office working to working from home happen smoothly (and I couldn’t be more grateful!). With this move I have not only shifted physically, but my title has progressed as well. A year ago I started as Annie’s design assistant, but today I am the Studio Operations Manager which makes my daily tasks just slightly different. What better time to put these new position changes in place than with a physical move and all around new beginnings?

Previously in the studio a few of the things I helped Annie with included working on custom designs and selecting images for social media, and other marketing tools. Those assignments entailed printing out images to be pinned on visual calendars and storyboards to keep our creative minds and our artistic work space organized. Now, I have moved from doing such physical and visual tasks to more managerial and supportive duties such as organizing quotes for new projects and making sure all of your orders and shipments are foolproof and on time (among many other things!).

Only time, practice, trial and error will tell one what one truly enjoys doing professionally, and my work with Modern Metal has taught me that in this one short year! I joined Annie’s team knowing that I love working on creative projects, but I quickly learned that I also have an affinity for the innovative responsibilities of handling administrative obligations to ensure those exact creative projects are completed from start to finish.

I look forward to being in contact with you to help you with a beautiful panel or grille for your home, workplace, restaurant, retail store…you name it! Can’t wait for you all to meet our upcoming new team member as well who will be another helping hand in the design process.

More on that soon!