Not just for wine, a favorite spot to unwind!

On my most recent trip up to the beautiful Napa Valley, not only did I test the wide array of whites and reds, I shopped in the charming downtown streets of St. Helena. The shops vary from designer clothes to local artisan home decor, and that variety of retail made me feel more in my element than ever. While shoes and accessories are more of a distraction to me than anything else, nothing I saw that day caught my eye more than the one-of-a-kind bench photographed above. The mix of metal rods and wooden slats was a combination that is distinctive and unique!

This bench is my new favorite piece of furniture and made me think about the endless possibilities we can create here at Modern Metal. Since Annie’s start, she’s seamlessly expanded from residential grilles to oversized commercial panels. Today, as she confidently continues that expansion into the realm of pocket doors and other panels with hinge-like systems, I am reminded of how much more opportunity there is for us in this market. There will never be a day where we run out of creative inspirations, and for that I am inspired and grateful!