October Boost: Halloween Masks

While social distancing remains a high priority, I know the festivities of the fall season are lingering in our minds. Trick-or-treating for the kiddos may play out a bit differently (or not at all) and Halloween themed family parties are going to be brought to a halt as well.

This change in habits, though, doesn’t mean the holidays are canceled. We can still decorate our homes and our faces with the now commonplace masks! For me, making masks has been an outlet of creativity that can be done from home while assisting in the guidelines and termination of the COVID pandemic.

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Just like Modern Metal, small businesses are created out of hobbies that creative people like myself and Annie Kantor have to keep our minds from running away with too many ideas. For me, making masks and jewelry on my Marissa Suzanne website makes for the imaginative outlet I need and love. Crafting not only allows for artistic people to conceive new ideas but also provides an opportunity to give back to our local community.

Shop the Witches & Candy Reversible Corn

Shop my jewelry and mask collections (as shown in these photos) online at www.marissasuzanne.com. On behalf of my small business and Modern Metal, we thank you for continuously supporting small businesses.

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