Originality Deconstructed: Upcoming Exhibit in NYC

What could be better than having the opportunity to break down my design process, and to share the “how” and “why” behind my authentic designs to fellow creatives and the public at large?  Not much! To celebrate Be Original America’s ten year anniversary, they invited members to play an active part in this milestone.  Members were asked to submit products and videos to be considered to be a part of a North American exhibition which takes place in three cities, New York, Palm Springs and Los Angeles.  

I submitted a “how it’s made video” which was selected to be included in the upcoming exhibit “Originality Deconstructed” at the Ace Hotel in New York.  The challenge was to take a product, project or material that can be taken apart and displayed, and which shows ingenuity and innovation. The goal being to immerse visitors and the public at large in the creativity, materiality and craftsmanship behind the designs, to understand the reality and elevate the value of original designs.  My work is 100 percent original, as it all starts in my head, but to convey this in a short video was challenging for me, both technically and contextually. 

I selected a project that I could deconstruct, and one which would not only highlight my product, but that would illustrate my creative process to show how I develop an original product that is authentic and meaningful to me and to my customers. The custom patterned elevator panels I designed for Architect and Interior Designer, Jeffrey Bruce Baker, seemed to illustrate this perfectly.  In the video I present the way I approach a design challenge from inception to installation.  Specifically showing the steps I took creatively to dream up, design, and make the pattern titled, Chilled and Distilled.  Chilled and Distilled was inspired by whisky, a beverage near and dear to the home owners who own a whisky company!  

My video, Elevator Design Deconstructed, will debut next Tuesday in NYC!  I’m beyond thrilled that my submission was selected for this exhibit and to be amongst such an esteemed group of fellow creatives, designers and makers whom I admire.  I look forward to meeting them all in person in New York next week and seeing their work.  “The idea and goal of the exhibition is to celebrate creativity by pulling back the curtain on the “how” and the“why” behind iconic and new products. Demystifying design will create a true experience of the value of authenticity.”  I’m so glad that Modern Metal can be a a part of this exhibit,  and this fabulous organization that stands for ethics, values and investing in design’s future.