Paint to Match…or Not

All of the pieces in our ready to ship line, with the exception of the black floor grilles, come in our standard white powder coat, which we’ve named Whiteout. This is an intentional choice I made because I love leaving the option open for you to paint the wall or ceiling vents on site to match your walls.  I think it’s such nice feature, because then the vent cover becomes just a subtle design element which blends into your space, reinforcing our belief that every detail does matter.

Many ask us if we can paint the pieces to match your Benjamin Moore color, etc for you.  We don’t do that because there’s too much room for error and it’s really best for your painter to do this on site. ALSO, you don’t have to paint it to match your wall!  You can paint it however you want to, any color, any sheen etc.  We recently shipped three of our bathroom fan covers in white to designer Jodi Janzen of Janzen Design.  She was very resourceful with these. Not only did she avoid having to pay for a more expensive custom option, she painted these in the brownish bronze she wanted and used the spring release bathroom fan cover in her duct.  They look great, and for $125/piece that is quite budget friendly, almost DIY. Well done Jodi!  

I am always attracted to glamorous powder rooms with super cool wall paper on Instagram, and almost always there’s a glaring plastic manila colored standard fan cover in the ceiling.  How cool would it be to replace it with one of ours and paint it in a sleek color to complement the wallpaper?  I want to see this! I want you to have fun with our products!  It’s such a fun and easy upgrade! I just ordered a purple i phone! You can do the same with your bathroom fan covers–make them beautiful and fun, even swap them out if you want to at a later date.

All of our grilles come with hardware to match and these are also painted white as well so you can be sure to match those with the grille.  I actually love our screws.  Single slot in countersunk holes so they sit flush with the surface. 

I encourage all of you to use our standard line creatively.  I’ve purchased these pieces in bulk quantities in order to keep the pricing accessible.  We’re even starting to sell them on Amazon!  I never thought I’d write that……I’m choosing to do this because I want our bespoke design to be accessible to more people, and I believe very strongly in changing the landscape of what’s currently available in the world of HVAC.