People are People

This past year has been challenging on many fronts, and often I don’t have words to describe my feelings or thoughts around important problems such racism and inequality in our society. They feel too daunting and emotional for me to capture in words well enough, and it’s more natural for me to express myself artistically, through drawing, painting and pattern.

I created some new designs touching on the themes of unity, inclusion, community, diversity, people coming together, and working together to reinforce both local and worldly connections, connections which I feel are crucial for us as a design community and beyond. I am trying to tell a larger story here, and enjoying the challenge of beginning to think about these broader and important issues we are all faced with as individuals and as companies, as our world becomes smaller and more connected, especially during this past year.

I will continue to share my designs as I develop my next collection, which will be centered on these important issues. This design I’m sharing with you today is titled “People are People”, equity and unity for all in one space. I can see it in metal, can you?