Pop of Powder

color powders

Spring is here and we’re in the mood for color!  Powder Coats are the way we do this at Modern Metal.  In case you don’t know, and I didn’t until I started this company, powder coating is a preferred finish because it’s much more durable and tougher than a conventional coat of paint. It does start in powder form and is applied to the metal electrostatically and then cured under heat, making it incredibly durable, and uniform.   

I want to remind you all that there are THOUSANDS of great colors you can choose from for our metal.  We have our standard ten, but there’s a myriad of choices as a custom option.  We have wonderful close relationships with our powder coat vendors, Prismatic and Tiger in particular.  We’re so appreciative to have developed these relationships over the years.  I feel it really makes a difference for us and for our clients to have a chain of professionals working behind the scenes, who take pride in their product and care about the end result.  

Prismatic is great for small batches as their minimum is usually just one pound!  We use these for all of our smaller grille orders.  They are super quick,  and do a great job selecting gorgeous powder coat matches if we send them a photo or sample of the finishes you are trying to match.  Usually their swatches arrive within a couple of days and are hand selected and packaged just for you.  They have some really cool designer collections ( I’m partial to the Miami 80’s colors at the moment) and have not slowed down despite the many supply chain issues in our world right now.

Tiger is our go to for most exterior projects due to their super durable line. We often use steel, coat it with a zinc primer and then powder coat with their Series 38 or 49.  Just this week I had a request for a metal panel in a wet climate, a spa area and I called Tiger to confirm which process and coating would be best.  They sent a pamphlet of their epoxy directly to the designer, along with explaining that we could also use any color on top of an epoxy.  

The take away here:  You have endless color options for interior and exterior applications with Modern Metal! 

Photo courtesy of: Powder Coat Chicago