Purposeful, Flowing, Delicate and Strong Metal Fence

A sneak peek at this fabulous project!  Shown above are just a few of the many panels we did for the design team at Strata Landscape Architecture. This was our first project together, and it was great! The designers at Strata had a vision, and that was to take our Hasu pattern, and customize it so that the top of each panel gently and naturally follows the motifs. The end result is a purposeful organically flowing fence. We made 29 panels plus, and individualized them all to work together so that the flow from panel to panel worked seamlessly in repeat.  There were also areas with fewer panels, where we did not want the pattern to repeat, so we customized those accordingly.  

This was a bit of a dream job for me because it involved me using my creative skills for a sizable job. I always tell prospective clients that it’s honestly as easy for us to cut one tiny 4” x 4” square as it is to cut 50 large 4’ x 8’ panels.  My background in commercial textile design sort of lends itself to orders involving quantity, so I’m very comfortable with this.  This job was ideal in scope for me, and stimulating from a creative standpoint.  It was small enough that I was able to really focus on the individual aesthetic and impact of each irregular contour, hand sketching each one for our CAD team, yet large enough that I could repeat and duplicate that energy for multiples.  

These panels are made of 11 gauge aluminum, primed and finished with an exterior grade Tiger powder coating. The best combination for a Northern California exterior climate. Hasu means Lotus in Japanese. It is an energetic design, highlighting the movement of lotus leaves rippling in water. This pattern is part of the Kamakura collection, simultaneously delicate and sturdy, emphasizing silhouette and roots. We think this will be a wonderful complement to the plants that Strata has planned, and will be quite special for years to come.   

We look forward to seeing the professional photography once the plants have grown in.   How fun it is to be a part of a project, that is growing and maturing with time and the seasons in this way.