Rain on Metal

rain metal design look

Exterior applications are extremely popular right now–deck railings, gates, doors, fences, architectural cladding, and decorative panels. We’ve done it all! The first question many have is how the product will hold up outside. The answer is, we finish it appropriately so that it’s suitable to your climate. Even when a panel is installed inside we may ask if it will be exposed to a lot of sunlight because we want to make sure we pick the best possible powder coating. Generally speaking, aluminum and stainless steel are the materials of choice for exteriors because they will not rust. However, we also use a lot of steel primed with a zinc finish and then powder coated with an exterior grade powder coat which does the job. Tiger Powder coats have been our primary go to for exteriors because I feel good knowing they have grades which are appropriate for stadium seating, marine environments etc. I usually discuss with the powder coat rep and then have another conversation with our powder coaters to figure out the best combination. It’s very exciting to bring Modern Metal outside, and see how you continue to bring our designs to unexpected places. Shown above: Stainless steel in the rain!