Rattan Returns with a Twist

Rattan metal design

We are formally releasing this new pattern today, Rattan Remix! 

Rattan Remix is my modern take on traditional caning weave structure. Interpreting rattan in brightly colored metal is exactly what I wanted to do, to mix things up a bit.  I pared down the many layers of interconnecting fibers typical of rattan and wicker into clean, bold geometric shapes.  Showing this in brightly colored metal, against jewel toned backdrops, and layered on vibrant hues of felted acoustic tiles makes this design sing….and is a nod to my favorite decade, the 80’s. 

I am absolutely loving the intersection between color and shape, the positive and negative spaces of this pattern.  I spent hours with the photographer (yes he is so patient) trying out different combinations of color, texture, and proportion of pattern to shoot.  With just the small selection of my final hues, the options were endless, and the vibes ever-changing.  I can only imagine the fun and new color combinations that all of you, my very creative audience, will bring to your projects.  I can’t wait to see!  

I hope that all of you have as much fun as I have rethinking, reimagining, and remixing the traditional with a Modern Metal twist!