Decorative Designer panels and Room Dividers

What Are Room Dividers & Decorative Panels?

Modern Metal panels are an excellent element for adding privacy or simply defining areas with in a space. Panels are simply flat pieces of metal in varying thicknesses, that can be inserted into frames, doors or hung on the wall. We can help guide you with installation ideas to bring a Modern Metal panel into your project.

A combination of function and works of art

Annie Kantor’s registers are both a combination of function and works of art. Her unique designs compliment both traditional and modern homes and add a utilitarian yet decorative element to a wall or floor. I am thrilled to be using her beautiful registers in my client’s new construction home in Woodside.

She is also wonderful to work with; gracious, dedicated and enjoys the collaborative process of working with designers. I would recommend her and her products with complete enthusiasm.

Lindy Donnelly, Interior Designer

The best thing about working with Annie Kantor is the passion for her craft and that it shows in the work

The best thing about working with Annie Kantor is the passion for her craft and that it shows in the work. The pattern is a big thing that knits our home together and everyone notices!

Rob Zirkle, Architect

The devil is in the details and Modern Metal is wickedly perfect in theirs

Working with Annie and her team is an absolute dream! Not only is the product over the top beautiful, but every little detail is thought of. From the packaging you receive your product in, to the “on brand” note cards it comes with. As an interior designer, I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with Modern Metal on many future projects. The devil is in the details and Modern Metal is wickedly perfect in theirs.

Heather Cleveland, Principal and owner
Heather Cleveland Design Studio

Custom Metal Specifications

Each project calls for specific materials and thicknesses as well as a particular environment and application. Depending on the conditions of the installation method, countersunk screw holes can be provided which allow for a flush front (meaning that there are no screw heads sticking up). Hover over the nodes in the spec sheet example to the right for some additional info on each element. We would love to bring your design vision to life.

Key Features:

  • Select from 23 Signature patterns or Completely Custom
  • 10 Standard Colors or thousands of powder coat possibilities
  • Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, etc
  • Matching single slot flat head screws (if desired)

Patterned Area
No more technical talk! The patterned area is where the magic happens and where the artistic vision comes to life!

Whether it's a Modern Metal signature pattern or a custom motif, we can't wait to let the metal do the talking... After the the spec sheets have been signed, of course!

Solid Border
The solid border surrounds the patterned area, usually on all 4 sides. The dimensions of this element can vary, but it needs to be wide enough to:

    - Account for concealing the duct within the opening (if applicable) and
    - Offer stability for the installation method desired.


Modern Metal offers a broad array of Signature patterns. From the smooth curves of Sinuosity and Simple Bend to the geometric corners of Square Squared and Rattan Remix. We are excited to share our collection with you.

Materials & Finishes

The perfect piece is waiting for you! You may select the ideal material and finish for your project. Not sure what’s what? We’re here to help! Please take a peek at the link below for more info on materials and finishes. Still have questions? Drop us a line!

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