Spring Fever

With the warmer weather finally beginning to show up, all I want to do is have fun in the sun! My spring and summer bucket list is already filling up and I’m anxious to check things off of that list! I think I speak for everyone when I say that right around this time of year a little bit of extra motivation is needed as a reminder to work hard before playing hard.

My main way of staying motivated is by setting goals. I like to start each work week knowing exactly what I need to check off my list before checking out on Friday. Writing things down is another tip that helps me clearly see what I need to do. Viewing things on a concrete, pen and paper list is a great reminder, and crossing those tasks out when finished is oh-so satisfying!

Annie and I stay motivated too by always including something fun in our work day! For us, designing gives that excitement needed to keep going on a tedious day of crunching numbers or selling product. As we speak, Annie is working on designing her new collection which will come your way this summer! Sometimes the design process can be tiresome, but the desire to see the finished product keeps her (and me!) inclined to keep pursuing greatness each and everyday!!

What’s motivating you?