Taste the Modern Metal Kool-Aid

vent cover replacement

Just this last month I’ve had two customers (also close friends) who decided to swap out their old floor vent covers with ours throughout their homes.  They both had similar comments as soon as they replaced them.  “Wow Annie, I can’t believe what a difference this makes! Seriously”.   YES,  I think to myself.  This is what I try to convince everyone of every single day! 

It’s a tricky mission I have…to make people consider and even notice an everyday fixture in their homes, and imagine how it could look with ours.  Honestly, most people do not even notice the grilles in their floors or care much about them, because they are so used to the standards that come with the home, the pieces that they’ve been living with for years and not noticing OR subconsciously averting their eyes.   However, as soon as they upgrade, they SEE what a difference it makes.  

Our floor grilles can be made to order in any pattern or color, with our without louvers.  However, I’m a huge proponent of Accentuate Floor, our standard line of ready made pieces as they are more budget friendly.  I strongly believe in making bespoke design accessible to more people.  We offer these in one pattern, Moroccan and in one finish, Iron.  They are made of 11 gauge steel, so they are sturdy and durable.  The iron finish is a matte black which really goes well in many spaces. If you’re local, I’m happy to loan you one to see how you like it. 

Floor grilles are by far the easiest to replace because they require absolutely no skill to install.  Installation takes about 10 seconds.  Literally, you just pop out the old putty colored thing you have in there, and pop in a Modern Metal grille!  We offer these in five standard opening sizes, and all are priced under $70 on our online shop.  It may feel like unnecessary and extravagant money to spend, and of course that’s a personal choice, but we feel it’s worth it to treat yourself to a luxury item that will improve your everyday life. 

Yes, I am certainly biased, but I know it’s true because I see and hear from my repeat customers.  They usually try one, and then they’re back to replace all of them in their entire home!  They got a taste of the Modern Metal Kool-Aid….