The More You Know: Brass vs. Bronze

Brass and bronze are two metals we know and love, but did these seemingly interchangeable metals are actually quite different. First and foremost, brass is the most sturdy of the two. Most hardware comes in a brass option since it is quite resistant to corrosion and easy to mold and form as needed. Brass is quite often used for locks, doorknobs, and clasps.

Bronze, on the other hand, is much more fragile in terms of malleability. To the eye, bronze looks a bit redder while brass resembles more muted yellow tones. Brass is most notably used for electrical connectors, bells, and ship accessories because of its higher melting point and resistance to saltwater.

The one thing brass and bronze will always have in common is their higher price point. Whether you’re making a small residential grille or a large piece of hardware, brass and bronze will never be as budget-friendly as steel. For this reason, Modern Metal offers many powder coat colors that resemble the recognizable look of brass and bronze. These steel powder coat options are oftentimes more durable and just as beautiful, as proven in the photo above. 

With all of these things considered, we’ll let you take your pick!