The Power of Press

Annie Kantor

Happening this week is our feature in House Beautiful!  It’s a great personal story for me as it started about 5 or 6 years ago when I was in NYC and met with Carisha Swanson at the Hearst building. I still remember what a thrill it was to be in the Hearst building, the source, the pulse of so many exciting publications.

At the time, Carisha was a product editor for Elle Decor.  She was SO busy but took a few minutes to talk to me, hear my story and see my work.  Her desk and surrounding areas were piled with products, beautiful products from so many designers and companies.  What an overwhelming job it must be to source these products, edit and select, AND get it all to press on time.  

What I’ve learned about pitching products is that it’s really just a matter of timing, having the right product that meets the right eye at the exactly right time. Well, this was the right time for Modern Metal and House Beautiful!  

I’m blown away as my phone is ringing and I’m getting orders from all over the country.  The power of press is pretty incredible, and especially meaningful to a small and growing company.  I LOVE seeing the reach, and hearing from homeowners from Minnesota to Texas.

 I’m incredibly thankful for the recognition, and I absolutely love how Carisha skillfully captured the essence of my product and messaging, “UPDATE YOUR GRATES”. Yay!

 Photo above is me in the iconic lobby at Hearst that day.