The Willits Way

This week I want to highlight our Project Manager extraordinaire, Jessica Willits.  I could go on and on about her technical wizardry and the skills which she contributes to Modern Metal on a daily basis, but today I want to share what she’s been doing “on the side”.   Jessica inspires me every day with her ability to multi task, her efficiency and her work ethic, but today I was awestruck by how much energy and passion she has put into her newest hobby, Surface Design.  It is not surprising to me that she has delved into this new pursuit in full force with an enthusiastic and positive mindset,  just as she approaches all things in her life.  

About six months ago, Jessica decided to explore her creative side a bit more,  and she took some online Surface Design courses.  She’s been learning more CAD programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and constructively educating herself and building upon her existing technical skills.  Jessica tells me that “Immersion” by Bonnie Christine was the class that particularly inspired her, and which propelled her to launch her website, thewillitsway.com .   Her website is filled with fun patterns in repeat, and even sells items such as tote bags adorning her prints.  

I am drawn to the piece shown here above, Memorable Manis, and the meaning behind this colorful work.  In her blog post, Jessica describes the curiousity, wonder and spirit of her three year old Sammy and supports his very natural interest in having his own nails painted.  I think he chose a gold polish!  What a great mama she is!   

She has become closely bonded with a new friend who has recently immigrated from Turkey, and together they have been exploring these Surface Design classes, seminars while supporting each other at every junction, even in parenthood as they both have toddlers.  What a silver lining to become closer to a new friend through this creative path!  

I appreciate Jessica’s desire to fill and balance her life with family time, creativity, and of course Modern Metal!