There are no wrong turns…

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of grabbing lunch with Annie and her daughter Sophie, who is in her freshman year of college. We spoke about Sophie’s major and her interest in exploring other studies, which made me think more about how Modern Metal came to be, and how I got here as well.

It fascinates me how life takes so many crazy turns, and we all end up in different places that we often imagined initially. Annie never would have imagined years ago that she would end up opening a business selling custom metal products, but that doesn’t make any of her experience any less valuable. Her studies of textiles and even law (yes, law) gave her the design eye and business mindset to propel forward into opening this small business.

When thinking about my own path, the list is almost endless in terms of the different majors I tried out. From liberal studies, to communications, to spanish, then ending with fashion, I was lucky to be able to dabble in many fields. It wasn’t until my final two years of college that I realized fashion and art could really be a career, so I ended up studying Fashion Design and Merchandising. I thought for sure I would be a buyer or designer, and while I do still work as a part time stylist, never would I have thought that major would have led me to a part time job at Modern Metal.

When talking to Sophie, we all agreed that every step of the way is gets you one step closer to whatever it is you want to be, even if you may not know it!