Trendy Spring Colors

Trendy Spring Colors

What colors are you excited about this spring?  Today, let’s take a step out of the interior design world and look at two hot colors in fashion, shall we?

Two big color trends this spring are mustard yellow and millennial pink, which Annie and I happened to be wearing in this selfie we quickly snapped after a recent meeting! These colors are all over the fashion runways, and have become a great source of inspiration here at AJK.

Although Valentines Day has come and gone, the candy hearts and loving vibe have stuck around as a source of inspiration for my wardrobe. With so many shades of pink to choose from, it’s a tireless color that can be dressed up or down any day of the week.  Layer this spring-forward color with a bolder piece, like the moto jacket I’m wearing in the photo above, to add some edginess to any look, and to stay warm during these last few chilly days of winter.

Mustard yellow is another must have!  Annie’s sweater (actually stolen from her daughter’s closet, but shhh….don’t tell!) is the perfect shade of this muted yellow.  This color made a name for itself last spring and is here to stay for spring 2019! Wear this look, as Annie does, as a cozy sweater that will help you effortlessly transition from winter to spring, or if you would prefer it in a smaller dose, shop for a fun yellow purse to accessorize one of your classic, neutral spring outfits!