Decorative Air Vent Covers and Floor Registers

What Are Vent Covers?

Vent covers go by many different names including registers, register covers, grilles, air returns, air supplies, supply diffusers, air return vents and more. Regardless of what you call them, they serve an important purpose for the central heating and cooling system for your home, office, hotel, restaurant, or other interior environment. Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems depend on them. These HVAC systems circulate heated or cooled air throughout the ductwork and into the respective rooms or areas by way of the vents and covers which can be installed in walls, ceilings, or floors. Not only are these Modern Metal vent covers visually stunning pieces of art, they are quite functional too.

Her grilles and panel designs are a huge enhancement to my interiors

I love working with Annie and with Modern Metal.  Not only does she makes the process super easy and simple, but her grilles and panel designs are a huge enhancement to my interiors

Maria Khoury, Owner
Maria Haidamus Interiors

A combination of function and works of art

Annie Kantor’s registers are both a combination of function and works of art. Her unique designs compliment both traditional and modern homes and add a utilitarian yet decorative element to a wall or floor. I am thrilled to be using her beautiful registers in my client’s new construction home in Woodside.

She is also wonderful to work with; gracious, dedicated and enjoys the collaborative process of working with designers. I would recommend her and her products with complete enthusiasm.

Lindy Donnelly, Interior Designer

The attention to detail and craftsmanship is outstanding

Annie worked with us on design choices and material. We decided on a 3/8 inch beveled, oil-rubbed bronze—“From Sphere to Eternity” for a floor grate. Annie gave us status updates as the work progressed, including getting best pricing on the raw bronze material. It arrived very carefully packaged. What a beautiful piece! The fit is perfect. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is outstanding. It already has a patina. It looks as if it were polished by hand (maybe it was). There is not a single flaw—this is a heavy, substantial piece of art that you can even walk on! It blends in perfectly with our Craftsman/English Tudor-style home.

At once elegant and fun, beautiful and unusual

We hired Modern Metal to design a metal grill for our heating system. The grill sits smack in the middle of our front hall, and it is one of the first thing anyone coming into the house sees. It was thus important to us that it be in keeping with the design of the rest of the house. The trick is, we live in a Craftsman home which we’ve decorated in a kind of quirky Danish Modern style. The designer immediately understood what we were going for, and came up with a fabulous design for the grill. It was at once elegant and fun, beautiful and unusual. Striking without being intrusive.

The experience of working with the designer was delightful. She was so thoughtful and considerate, charming and easy to talk to. Everything was completed on time and with the highest of professionalism. Exquisite taste and true professional competence — a rare combination!

Ayelet Waldman, Client

Annie’s patience, willingness and ability to understand my aesthetics

Annie’s patience, willingness and ability to understand my aesthetics along with her creativity and resourcefulness always make it pleasant to collaborate – not to mention her sincere kind heart and service created final products that show both of our passions!!

Jonathan Rachman, Principal
Jonathan Rachman Design

Air Vent Specifications

Each vent cover consists of a front panel where the pattern is laser cut into the desired metal. If the piece is to be installed in the wall or ceiling, there will also be countersunk screw holes which allow for a flush front (meaning that there are no screw heads sticking up). On the back, a flange is welded on, which ensures a tight fit into the existing duct. If desired, you may opt for a damper or louver, which is attached on the back. This allows for control of the direction of air-flow. Hover over the nodes in the spec sheet example to the right for some additional info on each element.

Key Details:

  • Select from 23 Signature patterns or Completely Custom
  • 10 Standard Colors or thousands of powder coat possibilities
  • Steel, Aluminum,Stainless Steel, and Brass
  • Dampers (or louvers) available upon request
  • Matching single slot flat head screws

The flange consists of metal pieces welded to the back of the flat decorative portion of the vent cover. The dimensions of the flange are smaller than the overall piece, but larger than the patterned area.

Measurements for the flange are often determined by the existing vent or duct opening in the wall, ceiling, or floor.

Flanges aren't always required, but they do provide a snug fit for a vent cover as well as disguise a portion of the duct that could be visible otherwise.

Solid Border
The solid border surrounds the patterned area, usually on all 4 sides. The dimensions of this element can vary, but it needs to be wide enough to:

  • Account for concealing the duct within the wall, floor, or ceiling,
  • Offer stability for the welded flange on the back side, and
  • Allow for those countersunk screw holes to securely hold the screws in place.

Countersunk Screw Holes
Screw holes in all Modern Metal vent covers are countersunk, meaning that once installed, the single slot screws we provide sit flush with the rest of the panel. A beautiful sight!

Patterned Area
No more technical talk! The patterned area is where the magic happens and where the artistic vision comes to life!

Whether it's a Modern Metal signature pattern or a custom motif, we can't wait to let the metal do the talking... After the the spec sheets have been signed, of course!

Signature Patterns

Modern Metal offers a broad array of Signature patterns. From the smooth curves of Sinuosity and Simple Bend to the geometric corners of Square Squared and Rattan Remix. We are excited to share our collection with you.

Materials & Finishes

The perfect piece is waiting for you! You may select the ideal material and finish for your project. Not sure what’s what? We’re here to help! Please take a peek at the link below for more info on materials and finishes. Still have questions? Drop us a line!

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