Vents: Do we want them to stay or go way?

Let’s be honest. Do we want these to go away or to stay? 

I do realize that vents are something in a space that no one truly cares about and even more so wants to think about and deal with.  Somehow, I’ve founded a business that involves thinking about vents more than I ever dreamed or hoped to. Deep down, I don’t have any love or interest in HVAC, but I have grown to care a lot.  I have developed a keen well trained eye that immediately notices these eyesores in so many places and spaces.  Now, I’m actually somewhat excited about vents because I realize I can make an impact and help change the landscape what’s out there in a small way, making a distinctive design imprint in an unexpected place. 

I don’t know that I can get that many of you excited about vents but maybe….they are a part of most of our everyday lives and projects whether we like it or not! 

This week I want to highlight our ceiling vent which Marsh & Clark design selected for their lovely “Kingfisher Suite” in this years San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase house.  I think this is a great example of a piece that does both, it stays and it goes away, in the loveliest way!  The bedroom is exactly as Marsh & Clark describes, “We hope to transport you to this calming world as you step under the archway and through the shimmering hall into this sanctuary. Hand painted walls depict delicate reeds swaying in the breeze, floating birds illuminate the juxtaposition of old and new elements. Every artisan touch, antique and even 3D printed furniture merge into a haven of tranquility.”  We are thrilled that Marsh & Clark included our Accentuate Vent Cover to be part of this sanctuary.  They specified our Square Squared pattern, a timeless design, in a white powder coat finish which also serves as a primer.  This means one can paint the vent cover on site any color desired, which is exactly what they did!  What a beauty this is painted in the calming blue hue.  Now instead of the viewer wanting to turn away from an unattractive standard plastic vent cover, there is a beautiful and functional design element in its place. Design in an unexpected place.  

I know we all would prefer not to have any vents, duct openings in our walls ceilings and floors for aesthetic reasons, but at least you can use them as an opportunity!  You can have fun with them, make them stay and ALMOST make them go away in a very lovely way.