Well, did you know we can weld?

Our first love here at Modern Metal are grilles, and our second is panels. Grilles began the company, and panels give us the freedom to cut a design in a larger scale and bring it to life. But, did you know that we offer so much more than just those two standardized options? Our team has the welding tools and endless hardware to create almost anything you bring our way!

There’s nothing we love more than getting a request for a project in a new and improved style of metal. Are you needing a small metal table? Metal columns? Or even a slightly curved flat panel? You name it, we’ll weld it! With a little engineering and a lot of attention to detail we can create whatever your imagination has in store. We love taking your ideas and working through the kinks to create a structurally sound piece that is both artistic and functional.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so bring it on!