West Edge Design Fair2019

West Edge Design Fair 2019 took place on Friday and we had a great time! If you missed our highlights video yesterday, head back to our social media pages to check out some of our favorite photos and products.

Design fairs never cease to amaze me. The amount of creativity that fills the space is astonishing and inspiring to say the least. In the photo above you’ll see us lounging around in the bold and beautiful outdoor seating by Gary Snyder Design. They’re style immediately caught our attention, and they’re work is designed and hand crafted in the California Central Coast where both Annie and myself grew up.

On the interior end of things, we all know that wallpaper is coming back with a vengeance, and I felt like I wanted a room full of it after stepping into  Flavor Paper’s booth!  How cool would our patterned grilles look with their wallpaper?  Fun and funky! Lastly, in terms of exclusive and individual design, everyone should check out Straight Lines Design Inc. Their cabinetry is whimsical and impressive, and while it may not work in every room of the house, it provides an enjoyable touch to a kids room or innovative work space.

Needless to say, we made some amazing new connections and found some awesome new finds this weekend. Check out the WestEdge  website for the full list of vendors and take a glimpse at all of their beautiful products.