Who is Marissa?


It’s been a few weeks since we kicked off our official AJK Design Studio blog, but you may be wondering – who’s behind the text? My name is Marissa Connors, design assistant here at AJK Design Studio. I spent my college years studying Fashion Design and Merchandising, and while I’m also a stylist at Stitch Fix, I’m appreciative of this opportunity to allow me to check out another sector of the art world with AJK, as I’ve always had an interest in interiors! I’ve been working with Annie for about six months now, and in addition to creating this blog, I spend my time constructing artistic storyboards for upcoming designs, scheduling appointments to meet and collaborate with other inventive designers and architects, and taking inventory of our beautiful metal pieces we have here in the studio!

In this blog you’ll see obvious topics about interior design, but I’m enthusiastic about incorporating other activities and hobbies as well, including music, fashion, movies, books, food, and travel! With these posts, our goal is to make you excited and encouraged to try new things, not just with metal and design, but with all of your life endeavors! I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet in hopes that I’ll hear from you on what you would like to see in our upcoming blog posts! Comment on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn with anything and everything that you are interested in hearing from us about!

Can’t wait to read your comments! Happy Wednesday!