Why is it More Expensive to do a Custom Vent Cover? How it all adds up….

When I founded Modern Metal six years ago, my goal was to make the custom process with Modern Metal straightforward, easy, and efficient with a resulting product that would be personal and customized to your aesthetic.  I do believe we are accomplishing that!  As with any bespoke product, pricing correlates. Our work is made of the highest quality materials, all sourced in the US, and we work with extremely skilled fabricators and finishers, all of whom I carefully vet.  Our team is integrally involved in every step of the process, following and guiding all orders with personal attention from beginning to end.  

Signature Custom Vent Cover Designs

Here’s how I try to make it easy: We have about 22 Signature Designs on our website. These are patterns which I’ve designed and developed that I want to be readily accessible for you to use.  You can choose any one of these for your projects and scale the pattern up or down at no extra cost. We supply a drawing to you which we can adjust if any minor changes are needed, and then we fabricate exactly what you want in the material and finish you select. This process takes about 6-8 weeks from sign off of drawings. 

Why Custom Vent Covers Are More Expensive

Recently, I’ve had a few customers who wanted to use one of those designs for a small quantity of vent covers (one or two), and legitimately were wondering why it’s more expensive than the ready-made items we sell on our web shop.  It’s a great question!

Here’s the answer:  When we just order a couple of small pieces, we need to pay for drawings, pay for the laser machine to get set up, devote the powder-coating process to just that one color, and run all the machines for just those pieces. So, when we do multiples, those costs get spread across all items, decreasing the individual cost per item.  Price per item decreases as quantity increases. This is true for all of our products from vent covers, to cabinetry inserts, to the larger panels.  

Recently I quoted a couple of vent covers in one of our Signature Designs, and the pricing was a bit outside of the client’s budget.  These vents were going high up in wall, not really in clear sight so I suggested using a couple from our ready-made line instead, which are all priced under $150/piece.  I am so happy that I have our ready-made line as an option.  I truly want beautiful design to be accessible to as many people as possible.

I don’t think our pricing will ever be on par with the items you may find in Home Depot and Walmart, but I do think you’ll be very pleased when you see the quality of our product whether it is a custom made to order piece, or whether it is an item from our webshop.   I wouldn’t put my name on it if it didn’t meet my high standards.  I know you are making an investment when you purchase Modern Metal, and I am confident you will love our vents, and that they will bring you happiness for years to come!