Work hard, travel harder

I think we can all agree that summer is the best time of year to travel with family and friends! The warm weather and no school for the kiddos makes any excursion a must! But, anyone past that blissful age has one little thing holding them back from their countless travel dreams – a JOB. Luckily for many of us working in these modern times we are able to throw a laptop in our bags and clock in outside of office. In the photo above you can see Annie doing just that while enjoying her time with family in Monterey!

Working away from your usual desk isn’t always the easiest of tasks, though. If you’re anything like me, the distractions of the beach or exploring a new town is enticing, but I’ve learned  to carve out a specific time in the day to get those hours done. Making those hours known to my travel companions helps them hold me accountable as well. Lastly, finding a cozy coffee shop with a nice view, as Annie did above, gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to absorb your surroundings and have a yummy snack while checking off your list of professional tasks.

Safe travels and happy remote working!