Yes, We Can Bend It!

bend metal designer panel

These radiator covers shown above are made of solid brass in our Simple Bend pattern.  They are elegantly bent so they just fold over the radiator and are inset into the cabinetry.  This was the vision of interior Jeffrey Thrasher and they were installed in a luxe apartment in Madrid.  

Most of our work involves flat panels or grilles with a simple flange welded to the back, but we are pretty much able to make whatever you want in metal.  We bend, we weld, we make frames, we add hinges, brackets, stand offs and more. If you have any question whatsoever, please don’t be shy! Ask us! We are completely open to exploring your requests, ideas and working with your contractor to make our products meet their needs.  If you are not working with an engineer of your own and would like advice, we can outsource to one of our engineers to help.

Jessica, our project manager, is particularly skilled at reading architectural drawings and understanding structural methods of attachment, and is always happy to hop on a zoom or call with you, your architect or contractor.  We’ve done this for so many projects—doors, exterior facades, deck and stair rails, and framing. It’s very helpful and efficient to problem solve, brainstorm, and communicate as a team. We want to help you in any way we can.

All of our fabricators are highly skilled, and  have the capability to make what we specify.  Sometimes, as we recently did with our gate project, we’ll deliver panels unfinished so that someone else can insert them into a frame and powder coat all together if that’s your preference.   Alternatively we can do it all.

The message is, we’re flexible, and open to whatever will work best for you. Send us your drawings, call us with your requests and we’ll work with you and your team to make it happen in metal!